Whats New?!?!

Its been a while since we posted to our news feed, so here it is! We have added new games to the server, we have held a load more events too! We even started a new event series in Wimbledon! We have been working with Buildcon, and Minevention and Nethermined on IRL and digital events,… Read more »

Pocket and WIN10 edition update

Really exciting news! the Pocket and WIN10 edition of Minecraft’s latest update has finally added command blocks! These very useful items allow you to program in game functions to help build adventure maps, mini games etc. In our opinion it is a very much over due addition we are delighted to finally get. Oh, and… Read more »

New snapshot, we have parrots!

Minecraft’s new snapshot has been release (17W13A) and unfortunately there are no dye-able beds, but there are tamable parrots! We are very excited at the prospect of having a feathery companion, and we can see some Pirate themed builds and mini games in the future, based on this new and exciting addition to the game…. Read more »

Beware of fake Mods

Google has recently removed upto 87 fake Minecraft mods from the play store, after they were exposed by users. The fake mods and applications display out of app adverts (by using a Trojan agent – a type of Virus), but also have access to your personal data on the device. As if they was not… Read more »

Different colour beds!

Its been very long overdue in our book, but the ability to dye your beds in Minecraft is finally on the horizon. A tweet by Jens Bergensten (Lead Minecraft developer) has stated that this feature will be in the upcoming 1.12 update for Minecraft, and 1.2 (ish) for Minecraft pocket edition.  We are so please… Read more »

The Leaderboard is back

After a small break the leaderboard is back up and running on our online server. and after only a day players are storming up it. Will you be able to reach the top, jump on the server and try it out!

LAN v2.2

So our next event, LAN v2.2, opened registration on Monday 6th, and within 2 days we are already 30% full! This just goes to show how popular Minecraft is, and we are very happy to be providing these events. We hope if you want, or know someone who wants a place, you get one. We… Read more »

Minecraft Realms

Today on Minecraft.net Mojang have published a very handy guide for anyone new to the world of realms. What are they, what can you do with them, how are they controlled, and how much to they cost? All is revealed, click the picture below to be taken there!