Server address :

In a nutshell, we have a hosted multi-word server which has all of the server games that we play at our events.

Well, the lobby above is where you start, from there you can access all of the worlds and games. At the moment we have PvP, King of the Hill, two Survival worlds, the Elytra Flight Race, Hide and Seek, Parkour, a free build world, and many more. Other worlds are being created and will be online as soon as they are completed.

Of the two survival worlds one is an easy multiplayer world, difficulty is set to peaceful (the easiest setting), Mob greifing will be off (so Creepers won’t blow up your buildings), and keep inventory is on, so if you die, you won’t lose all of your items.

The second world is linked to our online Leaderboard; however this world is harder. The difficulty is normal (if you don’t find food you will starve and die), Mob greifing is on (so Creepers will blow up your buildings), and keep inventory is off, so if you die, you will drop all of you items. This is a harder game, but at each Club Minecraft event there will be a special prize for the player who is top of the Leaderboard. Then after each Club Miencraft event the world will be completely reset, so don’t get too attached!

If you have a game idea let us know!