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Education Edition

Minecraft Education edition has had an early access launch, and we are excited to have been provided a copy for evaluation. This edition of Minecraft has all of the attributes of the normal game but with some added extras! Things like a in game camera and portfolio allow you to record your achievements  and document you… Read more »

1.10 update

We are excited by the new 1.10 update for Mincraft that went live today, with the addition of Polar bears for the ice biomes, bone blocks, fossils, Magma blocks, huge mushrooms and lonely trees (biggest ever trees in Minecraft) this is one epic update! Click on the link below for a full update on all… Read more »

New Sponsor Announcement

We are very happy to announce that J!NX, the Minecraft official online store, have joined us as a sponsor and are providing prizes for our next event LAV v1.5 on the 16th July. We look forward to scheduling more events for 2016 and building the relationship J!NX as we continue to grow.

New PvP server

As an addition to our growing number of online offerings we have started an online PvP server. This server will allow you to mine and build but in addition PvP is turned on and there is a Kill count displayed onscreen.You are free to play at any time and test your might with friends! To… Read more »

Update to the Minecraft Club online Server

Over the past few weeks we have had several players on the online server trolling and greifing other players; we have taken this seriously and banned those players from the server. Due to the amount of damage, we have restarted with a new online world, and therefore a new achievement leader board. Be sure to… Read more »

Playing Minecraft with your children

Below is a great article about how Mark Cuban, manager of the Dallas Mavricks basket ball team,  the connecting with children through Minecraft. You don’t need to play it lots, nor do you need to understand everything the game has to offer, but it can be used as a tool to converse with kids about the game. We… Read more »

Full version of Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi

For anyone who has a Raspberry Pi and wants to play the full version of Minecraft instead of the less capable Pi version then this is the link for you. Bear in mind you will need a Minecraft user name and password to log into an account. That said, with the low power consumption of… Read more »

This could change the Minecraft Experience

Have a look at the video posted to YouTube on the 20th April 2016. This comes after the launch of the new VR headsets, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. While this won’t change the way Minecraft is player over night, it could set the direction of travel for future players.

Time laps video of LAN v1.4

During LAN v1.4 we recorded some video with an aim to making a time-laps video of the whole event. For several reasons this did not completely go to plan, but what was recorded we have posted to our You Tube account and linked here. We hope you enjoy!

Static Void Mods

Below is a link to our sponsor Static Void’s mod page. There are some great mods available from the site, all of which are safe to download and easy to install. You will find the direct downloads from the site and a tutorial on how to install them using Forge.