Redstone update for Pocket Edition

Mojang have announced that they will be making some changes to the way redstone works in Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 editions of the game. In the PC/Mac version of the game a redstone bug called quasi-connectivity has been used by builders to make all sorts of wonderful machines and contraptions. Quasi-connectivity refers to placing… Read more »

Free Minecraft hacking book for Minecraft Pi

For those really keen Minecraft players, or those interested in computer programming and coding, the Raspberry Pi foundation has release a free book. Hacking and Making in Minecraft is available as a free PDF download and is packed with tutorials and mini projects to get you kick started with programming in the Minecraft environment. You’ll need a… Read more »

Safeguarding children

Something we are asked about often is the background checks (CBR/DBS) that are completed for the volunteers that help at our events. Therefore, we have published our Child protection policy statement on our website. The Child protection policy is something that all organisations who work with children must have, and works hand in hand with a… Read more »

Registration is open

We are happy to say that registration is now open for our next event.         at       Places are limited and are first come first served, we also have a limited number of laptops available, and if needed please let us know before you register. As always, if you have… Read more »

new location new version

We are all very happy to announce we have finished discussions with GLive and we will be holding our next event, LAN v2.0, on the 24th September in the fantastic Glass Room! This move is a great opportunity for the club as it offers awesome facilities, and space for us to grow. We hope that… Read more »

Happy Birthday to us!

Our first event was on the 19th July 2015, LAN v1.0. It’s amazing to see how far we have come in a year, and we are all looking forward to the next year!

Time laps Video of LAN v1.5

During LAN v1.5 we recorded some video with an aim to making a time-laps video of the whole event. For several reasons this did not completely go to plan, but what was recorded we have posted to our You Tube account and linked here. We hope you enjoy!

Minecraft Movie

Mojang have now announced the release date for the Minecraft official movie will be the 24th May 2019! Now this is a long time away, but as Mojang has said, it is just long enough to make the movie awesome, as no one wants a bad Minecraft movie. The countdown has started here, and we… Read more »

New Sponsor

At Minecraft Club we are always excited when new sponsors join us. Corsair is a leading provider of enthusiast-grade PC components and peripherals, and we are very happy they will be joining us as a sponsor and providing some prizes for LAN v1.5.

Minecraft PE update

Minecraft Pocket edition has just received its latest update 0.15, and it is big! As well as bringing all of the pre-mentioned goodies, like Pistons, Jungle Temples, Zombie villages, Horses, Pig Riding, Carrot on a Stick, and new mobs – Husk and Stray, it has also received a game play update adding Minecraft Realms (Mojang’s own… Read more »