Our Achievement Collector game at LAN v1.4 was made possible using a Leaderboard open source mod. The code is available to download and use on any server you manage, and can be found at the link below.

Minecraft Club’s LAN v1.4

The event we a great success for us, the attendants had a great time, we saw some amazing builds and the new game type, Achievement collector, we very well. We are just putting the finishing touches to the event page and best build page, so we can have a look back at some of the… Read more »

Minecraft Club new PE server

We are happy to announce our Minecraft Pocket Edition server is now online! This is running alongside our main Minecraft server, and is available for anyone to join and play. You will need to use the address below to connect, and we look forward to seeing you there. Marchward.homeserver.com:19132  


We are happy to say that we just launched our new leader board for our online server. This mod, created by one of the team, will be the basis of one of our new game types at the next event. If you think you are good at Minecraft, and can complete all the game achievements… Read more »

Be careful online

Please remember, not all Minecraft mods are what you think they are. Unless you are totally sure of the site you are downloading from, our advice, don’t do it. Please follow the link below to a great press release on the BBC news website How Minecraft undermined my digital defences Remember stay safe online

New sponsor

We are very happy to announce that Overclockers UK have joined us as a sponsor and are providing some prizes for our next event LAV v1.4. We look forward to scheduling the events for 2016 and building the relationship Overclockers UK.

LAN v1.4 sold out

Thank you to all of the people who have registered, and the continued interest in our Minecraft Club. Our next event, LAN v1.4, is now sold out, and this marks the first time we have reach maximum capacity. Work has already begun on the 2016 event schedule, and we will update the website once we have… Read more »

Minecraft update to 1.9

Minecraft has recently received updates to the full game and Pocket Edition. As we are enjoying the new content so much, we are looking into how we can use it in the games on the day. In addition, we are going to use a new server mod for an exciting new game type at the… Read more »

LAN v1.4 – we have a date

Hi everyone, we have booked, and can now confirm, the next event will be held on the 16th April 2016.  Registration is open and look forward to seeing you all for more Minecraft madness.


I thought I would let you know that we have invested in some new network switches and a new server for the next event. While the current equipment has served us well, in order for us to expand, we need to improve. What better way to invest then to grab some eBay bargains!