Minecraft PE update


Minecraft Pocket edition has just received its latest update 0.15, and it is big!

As well as bringing all of the pre-mentioned goodies, likeĀ Pistons, Jungle Temples, Zombie villages, Horses, Pig Riding, Carrot on a Stick, and new mobs – Husk and Stray, it has also received a game play update adding Minecraft Realms (Mojang’s own online servers), the addition of texture packs, allowing you to change the look and feel of the world, they have also included Xbox Live cross platform support. Cross platform support is something of a holy grail for gamers. It means that it does not matter what you play on, you can play together.

We do not know how this will affect us yet, but we are looking forward to trying out the new update and looking at all of theĀ features!

We hope you enjoy it too!