Minecraft Platforms, Versions, and Editions

Minecraft is available on a variety of different platforms, with each platform having its own version of the game. Some versions of the game are not compatible with others, so we have put together this guide to help you understand the differences. We have also included what we offer for each platform at our Club Minecraft events.


The first and original version of Minecraft is for Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. The game can be downloaded from the Minecraft website, is about £18, and you will need an email address to register the game. This version of the game is the most advanced, has the most options available, and leads the development of all the other versions of the game. At Club Minecraft , we run simultaneous official servers that we can configure to play almost unlimited types of games.




This version (referred to as the Bedrock edition) used to be known as the Pocket edition, Windows 10 Edition, and Xbox edition of the game is for tablets, phones, Windows 10, and Xbox one, but is not compatible with the Minecraft java edition of the game. The game can be downloaded from an App store, and is about £5. You will need an App store account to purchase it, and register an for a Xbox Live account to play multiplayer and online. This version of the game is slightly behind the java version, however many features are transferred to this platform after being release on the computer version. At Club Minecraft , we cannot run a server as they are not officially supported by Minecraft and can be problematic.



This version of the game is for Raspberry Pi computers and comes free with the Raspberry Pi software. This version of the game is the original concept game (Alpha) and is very, very limited, but still a lot of fun. A Raspberry Pi is about £20 and you will need a keyboard mouse and monitor to use it. The software is downloaded from the internet and loaded onto a memory card, which is then inserted into the Raspberry Pi. At Club Minecraft , we cannot run a server, as they are not supported in any capacity, however, if enough players wish to play on Raspberry Pi then we can run a game that people can connect too. This version has many configuration options but needs to be coded in Python, a computer programming language. While this can be difficult to start with, it is a great starting point for any interested in computers, electronics, and programming.