Club Minecraft online server rules

Welcome to Club Minecraft!

  • We’re all here because we want to have fun playing Minecraft together.
  • We are an inclusive, family friendly server.
  • Please be cool, kind and respectful to everyone.
  • We have some rules which try to spell out what this means in more detail. The rules are not comprehensive, and they will change as we learn together. Please do your best to act within the spirit of the rules and use your common sense.

General server rules

  1. Please be cool, kind and respectful to everyone.
  2. Use an appropriate name and skin.
  3. No swearing or inappropriate language.
  4. No hacks or hacked clients.
  5. Listen to the admins (Riley, Phoenix, Met and others).

Chat rules

  1. Do not spam. This includes messages that have no purpose, such as “ghjksdhgsdhjkg”.
  2. Do not give out or seek personal information.
  3. No harassment, abuse, discrimination, or bullying.
  4. No racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ+, or otherwise offensive content.
  5. No political or religious topics.
  6. No piracy, sexual, NSFW, or otherwise suspicious content.
  7. No promotion or advertisements without approval.
  8. No arguing or accusations in the public chat. If there is an issue, please contact an admin. In game, use /msg. Or contact an admin in Discord, using a direct (private) message.


  • When rules have been broken, admins will give a warning before taking action.
  • You will be given the opportunity to explain. Admins have access to logs and can see your actions: please tell the truth.
  • Admins may then apply consequences, depending on how severe the situation is.
  • The consequences include (but are not limited to): mute, kick, jail, and ultimately a temporary or permanent ban.
  • If you are banned, you have the right to appeal. Contact the server owner: MattMW.

Community SMP rules

[A] No stealing or griefing.

[B] Respect other people’s properties and builds. Don’t enter private properties or use farms without consent.

[C] Protect your builds using the claims plugin. Admins can help with this. If you do not claim a build, you assume the risks.

[D] Any claims you create must be at least 4 blocks away from other claims.

[E] Limited end busting/raiding is permitted, but please leave enough for others.

[F] Redstone clocks that run continuously can cause lag. Turn them off when you leave the server or when asked by an admin.

[G] If hosting a shop, the tradeshop plugin should be used to protect your stock. If you use another system, you assume the risks.

[H] Admins can remove or change builds to enforce these rules.

Rules last updated February 2022