Safeguarding children

Something we are asked about often is the background checks (CBR/DBS) that are completed for the volunteers that help at our events. Therefore, we have published our Child protection policy statement on our website. TheĀ Child protection policy is something that all organisations who work with children must have, and works hand in hand with a set of rules that all of the organisations employees or volunteers must abide by. The rules and guidance for this is issued by the NSPCC and is available from their website, but is it take from the current legislation governing working with children.

A core of Cub Scout leaders and parents founded Club Minecraft, and as we have grown, we have needed more help, and have ensured that the volunteers we take on have the relevant checks in place, or are very well known to us. We also ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities in respect to safeguarding young people.

If you ever have any questions about the Club, the team or our events please let us know, as we will be happy to discuss any areas of concern with you.