SMP Season 3 launch and information

March 2022

Club Minecraft are excited to announce the new season of our SMP in version 1.18.2, which will launch very soon! We’ll announce the date on the server and on Discord once we are ready to go.


Do you remember Terry? He was our villager King in SMP season 1, who lived in a castle and granted wishes. At the end of season 1, Terry was dramatically captured by the aliens, sadly never made it to Season 2, and we thought he was lost…

… but out of the blue we’ve just heard from Terry! Amazingly, he managed to slip away from the aliens in an escape pod, then crash landed in a beautiful and magical new world. Terry has been living there for a while (his enderman friends helped build him a new castle), but he’s feeling lonely. He’s asked us all to come and join him and build an amazing new community.

Current SMP (season 2)

You can continue to play on our current SMP until the new SMP is ready, when it will then close. We’ll give notice before it closes. After this, a world download will be available – ask us for details if you are interested.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to bring any of your builds, items or pets over to the new world. However, Terry will be able to grant you three welcome requests to help you get started in the new world. 

Your requests can be anything that’s not too overpowered – e.g. a favourite pet you want to bring back, a stack of building materials, an enderchest… Requests will be subject to Terry/admin discretion – requests for diamond or netherite items or gear, elytras or anything else considered op will not be granted.

New SMP (season 3)

Fundamentally most things have stayed the same as Season 2. We’ve changed a few things as follows:

  • It has a new name – Community SMP – let’s build an awesome Community together
  • You have the option to play with keep inventory false if you want to play with more challenge (keep inventory true is still the default)
  • You can now end bust/raid
  • New Vanilla Tweaks data packs added
  • Bedrock players won’t be able to play on the new SMP as the plugins sadly don’t work properly
  • The old Harbor sleep plugin has been removed and the vanilla “one player sleep” option enabled
  • GSit has been removed as it was buggy
  • Terry is back and grants wishes (within reason)
  • Amazing new 1.18 caves and cliffs terrain

For more information check out our Community SMP FAQ.